Striking Oil: The Terps!


The Terps are a full-spectrum isolation of smell and flavor that is completely true to the cultivar. Utilizing proprietary cold CO2 separation techniques to capture all volatile terpenes and flavinoids is what truly makes Cascadia Gardens terps unique.

The Terps are extremely potent and should never be dabbed!

The Terps add a tremendous amount of flavinoids with just a tiny drop. A little bit goes a long, loonnng ways.

The Terps have a million different uses to enhance your lifestyle.

The Terps can be used to enhance a relaxing bath.

Try The Terps in a smoothie for a remarkable sensation!

Up your ice-cream & popsicle game this summer with a boost from The Terps!

Did someone say "cheese"? Yes, we did because that's what we're most excited to add The Terps to: CHEESE!

The most commonly used method of The Terps is to enhance your cannabis smoking experience. Add a tiny bit to a joint or a bowl for a massive flavor boost.