What is your favorite part of working at the Novel Tree? 

I really enjoy working with people who are so passionate about what they do.

What was the most surprising thing you discovered about being in the “weed industry”? 

It’s not a bunch of stoned kids hanging out, there’s a level of professionalism that I would closely compare to a high-end store.

What is your favorite cannabis product? 

I really like the Fairwinds ratio tincture, it’s helped with my sleep a ton.

What is your favorite activity while high? 

I always like to relax but going hiking is always fun too.

What Cannabis product/experience do you want to try next?

I’m very excited to tour a farm.

What is the biggest benefit to cannabis in your opinion? 

I think there’s a ton of merit to recreational, but the potential for pain relief and sleep aids is enormous.

Washington Bud Co.


Boutique Batch Artisan Grown Cannabis

With roots in the medical cannabis days of Washington State, WA Bud Co. prides themselves on producing clean, potent, flavorful cannabis. “Our fans appreciate that we grow for taste and effect; if we enjoy the aromatic flavors and happy experiences, we believe you will, too!” All pot plants grown by WA Bud Co. are grown without the use of harmful pesticides, they rely solely on natural solutions. The Novel Tree is proud to partner with brands like this, who place the safety and health of their consumers at the very top of their priorities. Keep an eye out for a fan favorite strain, Harlequin, a sweetly flavored Sativa-dominant strain known for it’s high percentage of CBD. If you’re looking for a way to relax without feeling sleepy, Harlequin is the strain for you.