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Cannabis and Yoga

When you think of cannabis, the first thing that comes to mind usually isn’t exercise.  No, in the old days smoking weed was synonymous with laziness and apathy and the idea of doing physical activity was complete fantasy.  However, with the legalization of recreational marijuana, cannabis lovers are coming out of the closet and smashing stereotypes of the “spaced out, lazy stoner.”   Using cannabis as part of your exercise routine is case in point.

Green Island Growers

Green Island Growers is an indoor and outdoor grow at the tier 2 level.  They are allowed 2000 square feet inside, and 5000 square feet outside and are hoping to begin outdoor growing this spring. In addition to being a grower, Levi is also a licensed processor. They have three people on staff and hire additional help during the harvest.

Washington's Finest Cannabis

They may only have one strain - but it’s really really good. Instead of being a jack of all strains, Washington’s Finest Cannabis has become a true master at one: Afghan Hash. The team has been cultivating this strain and phenotype for over the last decade. Why choose only one? Simple, because they LOVE it!