What is your favorite part of working at The Novel Tree?

I am lucky to be working for a passionate, driven company that treats its employees like family. We are always growing and spreading education and wellness to all.  

What was most surprising thing you discovered about being in the 'weed industry'?

I knew cannibis had medical benefits but, being able to hear success stories daily warms my heart and reassures my position in this industry. 

What is your favorite cannabis product?

I enjoy the "old school" flower and a pipe or bong. Cannabis is very therapeutic for me from breaking apart the bud to the first inhale. 

What is your favorite activity while high? 

Getting outside! It all depends on what I'm smoking. Most of the time I really enjoy good conversation with friends. 

what cannabis product/experience do you want to try next? 

I am currently exploring the world of edibles. I like to use edibles if I am sick, especially when I catch a head cold. 

What is the biggest benefit to cannabis in your opinion? 

Cannabis has the ability to better everyday life for every person. It is easily the most peaceful "medicine" the world has to offer.