Tech Meets Cannabis: PAX Era Vape System & PAX Pods!

Set your preferences through the PAX Mobile app for things like temperature, LED color and more. If you like tech, convenience and sleek design, this is your vape pen!

The Novel Tree carries over 30 varieties of PAX Pods from Avitas, Dabstract, Heylo and Leafwerx.

The Novel Tree carries over 30 varieties of PAX Pods from Avitas, Dabstract, Heylo and Leafwerx.

PAX Pods by Avitas at The Novel Tree

Avitas Pods

Small batch crafted, taste the difference! Avitas was founded on the principles of community and responsible farming techniques. They employ an innovative ‘perpetual harvest’ technique to ensure their flowers and extracts are always super fresh. We back Avitas at The Novel Tree! Set the Session Control on your PAX Mobile app to the desired temperature for the strain your vaping, we love this feature.

PAX Pods by Avitas

Pax Pods by Dabstract at The Novel Tree

Dabstract Pods

Dabstract has deep roots in the cannabis industry, tracing their history all the way back to the year 2000. We recently added them to our menu and guests of The Novel Tree have nothing but great things to say about their products. Dabstract formulates their Pods with High Terpene Extracts (HTE) and no additives, this means pure flavor and a top shelf high. Check out the GG#4 strain, a budtender favorite!

PAX Pods by Dabstract

Pax Pods by Heylo at The Novel Tree

Heylo Pods

Heylo’s PAX Pods are filled with Washington’s finest, CO2-extracted cannabis oils, rich in terpenes. Heylo’s High Intensity Pods deliver 3x the amount of vapor compared to original Pods. If you love luscious, rich plumes of sweet vapor, Heylo is the way to go! Check out their handy ‘tasting notes’ on Heylo packaging too, they’ll let you know what you’re in for, stone-wise!

PAX Pods by Heylo

Pax Pods by Leafwerx at The Novel Tree

Leafwerx Pods

One of the most popular choices among our guests at the The Novel Tree, Leafwerx has a comprehensive and high-quality line of products to offer. The same can be said about their range of PAX Pods. They say the optimal temperature range for Refined Pods is 547°-597°, and Ultra-Refined between 574°-624°. How cool is it that you can set the temperature using the PAX Mobile app? #ChooseYourMood