The Highs of Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG by Royal Tree Gardens

The new Rise of Skywalker trailer is out and we just received a fresh batch of Skywalker OG from Royal Tree Gardens! Since the best Skywalkers come in pairs, I figured I would enjoy these two together.


From the Forests of Endor to The Novel Tree

Enjoy Skywalker OG, feel the force you will! - Master Yoda

Enjoy Skywalker OG, feel the force you will! - Master Yoda

I cued up the trailer on YouTube and cracked open the jar. As I pulled back the freshness seal there was a disturbance in the Force before I quietly heard a million Ewok voices sing out in joy.

I was immediately hit with an out of this galaxy aroma. Piney like the forests of Endor with a little funk from the swamps of Dagobah. The Greedo green buds looked fluffy like the clouds of Bespin. But you know what they say, never judge a Jedi by the color of his light saber! These buds were also dense and sticky! After packing a bowl as tight as a Star Destroyer's escape pod, I had nine solid hits, one for each episode. The earthy taste had a spicy finish and the smoke was Han Solo smooth. I hit play and was transported out of this world.

The trailer was awesome! It brought back many memories and left me with many questions on how this amazing saga will play out! Long after the trailer ended, I realized I was still in a galaxy far far away. While my body was nice and relaxed, my mind wandered like droids in a desert. I couldn't stop thinking of all the different scenarios and possibilities! Like Darkside C3P0, seriously, what was up with those red eyes?! Is he a Sith or has he just been smoking this Skywalker OG from Royal Tree Gardens like me?

All I know is I can't wait for December 20th to get here! - Aaron