The Novel Tree visits Fairwinds!


Fairwinds uses their own, grown-in-house plants to make a full line of products that incorporate powerful medicinal herbs and time-proven cannabinoid and terpene extraction methods.


Expert cultivator Scott has a rich background in botany. Here he shows The Novel Tree's Jeff and Matt a young plant he's brought up from a cutting in the starter room. In his free time, he grows dozens of species of carnivorous plants.


A Mother plant, with strong, desirable characteristics. Fairwinds focuses on creating a harmonious environment for these plants to thrive and pass down these beneficial traits through cutting and propogation.


Head Ganjaneer, James Hull inspects a fresh batch of tinctures. James keeps a close eye on all aspects of the grow even while traveling. He can control water, light and heat remotely through an app on his phone.

Fairwinds- where ancient Herbology meets modern technology. Fairwinds was founded on the principal of bringing cutting-edge cultivating technology, pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, and proven ancient herbal traditions into the forefront of the cannabis industry. Their mission is to produce a diverse line of the most effective natural cannabis wellness products. Their team of food scientists, chemists, biologists, engineers, and naturopaths, is complimented by independent MDs, NDs, and clinical laboratories. Together they create effective, safe, and proven products – supported by ancient wisdom, modern clinical studies, and real science. Fairwinds is committed to supporting the healthy use of cannabis, to empower and heal. Fairwinds is a Washington state licensed cannabis producer and processor located in Vancouver, Washington. Their products include cannabis tinctures, cannabis vape pens, cannabis oils, cannabis capsules, cannabis suppositories, cannabis coffee, and more!