Top Ten (ish) Gluten-Free Edibles

Avoiding gluten? Here’s a handful of our favorite wheat-free edibles!

Just a small assortment here, we have many many more!

Just a small assortment here, we have many many more!

American Baked Fruit Chews: These beauties are among the most popular in cannabis-infused snacking. Made in Seattle, these scrumptious bits of heaven come in many different flavors, including passion fruit, blueberry, mango, raspberry, strawberry, peach and rhubarb. And guess what? They’re vegan too!

Goodship Fruit Jellies: Go-Go Grapefruit and Ra-Ra Raspberry. The packaging says it all: “This is your captain speaking. We recommend starting with one jelly to responsibly reach cruising altitude. Remember that the Goodship is best enjoyed in the company of good people.” The Goodship folks are indeed good people!

ZootRocks by Zoots. These Premium Cannabis Infused Nuggets are one of the most popular, small form factor edibles easy to conceal and grab out when the time’s right. Great for outdoor events or when you need to pack light for your daily adventures. Lots of varieties: Lemongrass, berry, caramel, golden mint, chili cinnamon and green apple.

Lush Jellies by Verdelux: This infused soft jelly chews have an air of luxury about them. The Mixed Berry variety is infused with Purple Kush indica, while the Hawaiian Mix is infused with White Widow hybrid. These are sweet, succulent, and will enhance those luxuriant, sensual vibes. Great addition to the perfect date night!

Green Baker Cookies by Green Revolution: Wheat-free infused cookies? Yes please! Available in single cookies, 3 packs and ten packs. These might be the mellowest snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies in existence. How about a glass of almond milk on the side? We’re into it!

4.20 Bars by Evergreen Herbal: These must have been developed with a gourmet pastry chef! Varieties like Dark Chocolate Sea Salt with Fair Trade Cacao show that quality is first and foremost to the team at Evergreen Herbal. Also available in 4.20 Minis!

Bon-Bombs by Verdelux: Infused Honey Caramel, Mint Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or Dark Raspberry. These chewy caramel sensations are touted by Verdelux as “possibly the finest caramel ever,” The Novel Tree agrees!

Journeyman Chocolate Couch Potatoes: Very munchie flavor in one bite! These are the edible equivalent of your best friend’s smoky basement with the incredibly comfortable couch and big screen TV. These chocolate bites literally have crushed potato chips baked in…What more needs to be said? Gluten-free goodness.

Sriracha THC Tincture by Fairwinds: This is perhaps the most notorious tincture in stock at The Novel Tree. It’s Pho King Hot! Made with sun-ripened chili oil and other all natural ingredients, this is one condiment you won’t want to leave home without. Drop to two in your bowl of pho? The team at Fairwinds knows quality like few others, and we look forward to each and every Fairwinds shipment. What will they come up with next?

Journeyman CBD Jellies: If relaxation is what you’re after, check these out! They’re “fruity, sugar-dusted and ready to soothe.” Has your week been wearing on you? Your couch is calling, and these jellies might be the ultimate companion. Grab your remote and fire up some Netflix! Available in assorted ratios so you can find your sweet spot.

Illuminations by Verdelux: We imagine these hard candies would make any list of superb cannabis-infused edibles. Lucky for you, they’re gluten-free too! Made with organic cane sugar, vegan-friendly and ready to rock your socks off. Available in Peach, Grapefruit, Lime, Tangerine, Grape, Cherry and CBD Lemon.