Valentine's Day Top 10 Cannabis Products

10 sensational cannabis products to heat up the most romantic night of the year.

Something for everyone, lots to love on Valentine’s Day. Here’s to a love-filled evening!

Something for everyone, lots to love on Valentine’s Day. Here’s to a love-filled evening!


Freya – Purple Lemon Haze

Bright and stoney and wonderful. Share Purple Lemon Haze with someone special this Valentine’s Day. A cross of Purple Kush and Lemon Haze you can expect a euphoric and mood lifting rush, followed by a relaxed body feel making this the perfect Valentine’s Day high.

Secret Gardens of Washington – Purple Punch

Some of the strongest cannabis we’ve smoked in a long time. This is something special for people that really enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the cannabis plant. The beautiful dense purple buds are the perfect thing to curl up with on the couch with your better half.

PAX Era Pods

LeafWerx – Black Afghani Rose (Ultra Refined)

High THC and a bright terpene profile can lead to a high-energy Valentine’s Day. For the couple that likes to spend their time together on adventures, the sleek PAX Era device is that great on-the-go way to smoke and this PAX Era Pod will be the ultimate addition to Valentine’s Day.

LeafWerx – Blackberry Kush (Refined)

LeafWerx describes their Indica plants as “Chillin” and the Blackberry Kush Pod will definitely leave you chillin. A great PAX Era Pod for spending a quiet, comfy, and cozy evening by the fire.

Vape Cartridges

Heylo – Headband

This amazing cartridge from Heylo will give you a bright and energetic feeling that will leave you ready for anything Valentine’s Day may have to offer. High in terpenes Valencene and Limonene you can expect an amazing natural citrus flavor from this cartridge.

Pearl – Grandaddy Purple (Distillate)

Euphoric and relaxing with notes of grape and pine this cartridge is a great option for a relaxing Valentine’s Day. Perfect for a couple’s day at the spa, you can expect a potent high with a very relaxed body sensation. 


Fairwinds – Lifestyle Sativa Capsules

Most people don’t think of a capsule when they think of fun edibles. However Fairwinds has crafted an amazing blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, and herbs to make for an incredible experience. For a social, euphoric, and a long lasting effects the Sativa Lifestyle Capsule is a great way to go.

Verdelux – Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bon Bombs

For a rich and decadent treat, the Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bon Bombs are the perfect Valentine’s Day indulgence. For a heavy, relaxed, and sensual body sensation these are a great pick for a romantic evening at home with your partner. 

Topicals & Breath Sprays

Velvet Swing Lubricant

The ultimate cannabis product to enhance sensation and pleasure Velvet Swing has become a favorite for our guests. THC helps to increase blood flow, and the CBD provides that relaxation. Both work in concert to increase pleasure and sensation.

Northwest Wonderland – Love Potion #420

This high CBD breath spray is a fast acting, herb enhanced love potion. With a delicious Passionfruit Mai Tai flavor each spray is only 3mg of CBD and .3mg of THC which is great for people with lower tolerances or for micro dosing. In a sleek and discrete breath spray this is something that can be kept in your bag or pocket, and used whenever it might be needed. Take your Valentine’s Day to the next level with this great spray from Northwest WonderlandD