Verdelux Edibles and Topicals

Luxury cannabis-infused edibles and topicals available at The Novel Tree.

Looking for a wide variety of edibles? Verdelux has you covered.

Looking for a wide variety of edibles? Verdelux has you covered.

Made in Bellingham, Washington, Verdelux produces a huge line of luxury cannabis-infused edibles and topicals. Their focus in on creating the world’s finest marijuana products in small batches with an emphasis on quality and consistency.



Solid chocolates and chewy caramels infused with 10mg of THC in each piece, with CBD varieties too. Every BonBomb is gluten free and all chocolate is fair trade certified. Vegan? Try the Raspberry Dark Chocolate!



Chewy, soft and perfectly sweet jellies with 10mg of THC infused into each piece. Looking for CBD? Try the Ginger Peach variety! Lucky for us all, every Lush Jelly is gluten free and vegan.



Hard candies infused with 10mg of CBD or THC. Available in single pieces and 10 packs, each lumen is gluten free and vegan. Illuminations are lovingly hand-made in the tradition of Victorian confectioners.



Dope Cup winning CBD and THC infused cannabis topical. Made with organic coconut oil, beeswax, organic olive oil, essential oils and marijuana extract.