Visiting Secret Gardens of Washington

In early December, 2018, members of The Novel Tree Team plus a special guest took a ferry boat trip to Bremerton, WA to visit our renowned cannabis grower partner, Secret Gardens of Washington.

Arriving at the Coleman ferry dock in downtown Seattle, we were greeted by a crisp, uncharacteristically sunny morning. Hans, our special guest for the day has been one of our biggest supporters since The Novel Tree’s inception. His strain of choice is one of SGOW’s finest, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Alien. Today he’ll have the opportunity to see how it’s grown, from seed to flower. Hans is a career musician and recording engineer, who has endless tales from the west coast rock scene, 1990’s to present day. Between the especially stunning waters on the way to Bremerton and his stories, we were in for a uniquely entertaining ferry ride.

Leaving Seattle on the brightest December morning in memory!

Leaving Seattle on the brightest December morning in memory!

Disembarking from the ferry, we make our way through the circuitous, hilly streets of maritime Bremerton. Shipbuilding is what drives a big part of the economy here, and in many ways it feels a world apart from bustling Seattle. The setting is rugged, the houses are old and dilapidated, yet it retains a genuine charm. This is small town Washington at its most real. Perhaps no longer in its heyday, Bremerton endures with a healthy sense of vintage rusticity. Next stop, Secret Gardens of Washington.

An unassuming building tucked away amidst tall evergreens, the Secret Gardens of Washington facility seemed somehow very appropriate. Owner Bill Delaney greeted us warmly and set us up with coffee and pastries, before giving us a brief rundown of what our visit would include. The SGOW team actually delayed a grow room harvest one day so we could see their ganja buds in full bloom. Thanks guys!


Will is SGOW’s lead grower, and is known for his beyond meticulous attention to detail. We begin the plant’s journey in the mother room, from which cuttings are made and grown into full blooming cannabis in subsequent stages of their grow cycle. The consistent healthiness of each plant is staggering, their newest crop is a sight to behold. Some of SGOW’s premier strains are Gelato, Purple Punch, Platinum Alien OG and Rudeboi. Following our walk through the grow rooms, Will brings out a bucket of freshly cured Rudeboi. He takes the lid off, tips it upside down, and nothing inside the bucket moves an inch (see video!) The nugs are so incredibly crystallized and sticky that instead of tumbling out onto the table, they remain stuck together as one. This is Will’s favorite strain. Bill Delaney notes that this is not an especially high-yielding strain, and is grown essentially for the love of it and the glowing response from dispensaries. He mentions the trimming process is cumbersome too, with the scissors constantly getting gummed up with sticky crystals. This is a prime example of the dedication to quality at Secret Gardens of Washington: It’s all about quality over quantity.

Wrapping up our tour, Christy Delaney gathers the entire team for a group photo. The element of family is alive and well at SGOW, and they extend to us the same good vibes. We couldn’t be more appreciative of their team and the time they gave us to wander around in their Secret Garden.

The Novel Tree is your Bellevue headquarters for Secret Gardens of Washington cannabis!

The Novel Tree is your Bellevue headquarters for Secret Gardens of Washington cannabis!