Zion Botanicals


The founding members of Zion Botanicals (Grandpa Bud LLC.) have been in the business of agriculture/horticulture for over 100 years in the Valley of Cashmere, Washington.  Numerous cultivars of apples, pears, and stone fruit have been grown and produced on their farm land  by generations of family members. They strive to provide high quality food to the world, on their 5 acres of Certified Organic farmland they currently produce berries, pears, cherries and many varieties of vegetables and berries (rare and heirloom varieties). Within this portion of the certified organic five acres, they produce Cannabis for Washington State. The founding members have extensive knowledge combined in many different species of plant growth and production.  With a combined experience ranging from horticulture, agriculture, small and large scale farming, Indoor& Greenhouse production, Horticultural Grow Lighting (LED), and Agricultural consulting. They are a small business ran by only a handful of skilled horticulturalists. They pay close attention their product and growing environment. To assure only the cleanest and best cannabis flowers, and cannabis products gets onto market. As this new and upcoming business grows they would like Zion Botanicals to be on the forefront of the bright future of cannabis horticulture.

Zion Botanicals feels strongly about providing safe cannabis for human consumption. Their cannabis is grown BioVeganically! BioVeganics is ORGANIC and then some: a hybrid of Biodynamics and Veganics. "BioVeganics" uses strictly plant based inputs and is free from the use of animal derived fertilizers. They believe it provides healthier, cleaner and tastier flowers!