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Alien Candy from Green Island Growers!


When we visited Green Island Growers on San Juan Island in September, we witnessed this Indica hybrid strain at the peak of its sun-grown splendor. Just days later, it was harvested with care by Levi and Anna, the couple who own and operate the farm. After the careful drying and curing process, the Alien Candy has landed at The Novel Tree! Stop in today and get your hands on some of Washington’s best buds.

Notes from the Budtenders:

"This one is a creeper but super relaxing when it kicks in. Seriously solid strain and farm. It was smooth, potent, and holds up against indoor grown…" - Sam

"Very heady. Nice & relaxing. Mellow in a good way…” - Amber

Notes from the Growers:

“An Indica-dominant hybrid, not the same as Alien Rock Candy which it is often mistaken for. It’s a cross between Alien technologies (a landrace Indica from Afghanistan) and Cotton Candy. It has a very distinctive smell, I would describe it as a fuel/diesel smell, spicy, earthy, sour.  Very unique, and one of the most fragrant strains we have ever dealt with, or seen in general. Heavy trichomes, THC usually in the mid 20's.” - Levi


Grape Bubba: Exclusive Strain!

House of Cultivar hooked up The Novel Tree with the entire batch of this limited-edition Indica

Keep an eye out for future exclusive strains!

Keep an eye out for future exclusive strains!

Deep green leaves with strands of purple, yes!

Deep green leaves with strands of purple, yes!

The budtenders had preview samples of the Grape Bubba cannabis strain and the reviews are in!

“Awesome strain from HOC! I rolled a .75g joint and smoked it all in one sesh. The high hit me right in between the eyes at first and before settling into my chest. I found myself extremely relaxed and quite apathetic. This is a perfect gamer strain or one to enjoy when settling in for the evening. Awesome stuff overall, and I look forward to buying some when I get the chance!” - James

“The sweetness was amazing. It tasted incredible in my Pax 3, very sweet smell with a hint of gas. Very relaxing without being sedating. Strong enough without being too intense. An absolutely delightful way to end the day.” - Matt K.

“I really enjoyed the product. It hit smoothly and tasted really good. I really wanted to be outside afterwards but I was also really focused on my task at hand. I felt very aware of my space and what was going on around me. I felt present in time. All my worries went away, I felt no paranoia and it was a great high. Didn't make me too sleepy, and in fact had an initial boost of wanting to be more active. I liked that.” - Amber

From House of Cultivar’s Head Grower Sean Callahan:


“Grape Bubba is a solid indica strain that will have you relaxing thoroughly at the end of a long day. A cross of two classic purple indica strains Grand Daddy Purple and Bubba Kush. Your olfactory senses will be overpowered with almost sweet wine grape notes combined with an earthy kush flavor. Beautiful dark purple colors dominate sticky golf ball size buds that are absolutely coated in trichomes. She’s short but stocky with fat purple leaves that look absolutely beautiful contrasting against silvery shine of the trichomes. A fun plant to grow that definitely requires more attention than most, but the payoff at harvest is more than worth the effort.”