The Novel Tree - Recreational Purchasing Program is committed to providing the most consistent, high-quality, and clean-grown cannabis products available.  We are dedicated to partnering with the best producers & processors for every category of cannabis product catering to the full spectrum of cannabis users. Whether shopping economically or strictly for top tier products, we cater to customers at every price point without compromising our values. Our commitment to our partner growers helps us naturally build stronger relationships with our guests- we connect cannabis consumers with cannabis producer/processors to progress the cannabis movement towards better products overall. Acting at all times with our guests best interest in mind allows us to provide feedback to partners to continually offer a menu we can all be proud of.

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The Novel Tree - Recreational Purchasing Program is dedicated to accountability. If we wouldn't consume it ourselves, we wouldn't sell it. All sourcing is done with purpose, intention, and awareness of our Novel Tree mission and values. We strive to be successful by not cutting corners- we put in the resources to ensure our purchasing program is the best in the state. We are here to progress the industry, support integrity driven independent farmers & companies in our community, and offer the best possible products to our guests. The Novel Tree team stands behind every product we carry.

The Novel Tree at its core is a celebration of cannabis. The Novel Tree takes great consideration when selecting cannabis farms and processors to partner with. We look for integrity, quality, and vision. Click on some of our partner logos below to learn more...